Threat Database Rogue Websites is a hoax website that relies on scare tactics to trick its visitors into buying a Norton Security license. Most likely the creators of the deceiving page earn a commission for each sale. The tactics employed by this scheme are nothing unique, as they have been observed as part of many scheme-related pages.

Once users land on the page, they are going to be shown a security alert designed to appear as if it is being sent by Norton Security. The message will falsely claim that multiple malware threats (5 viruses) have compromised the visitor's device and immediate action is required to stop them. Here is the catch, though. The site claims that to resolve this nonexistent issue, users will have to renew their security licenses. The fake warnings shown by could be similar to:

'Norton Security
Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!
Your Norton Subscription Has Expired!
Renew now to keep your pc protected.
If your PC is unprotected, it is at risk for viruses and other malware.

When presented with such seemingly serious alerts, users should always remember that no website can scan their devices on its own. And while in this case, the offered product is a legitimate one, the vast majority of hoax websites are trying to push PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) to their visitors.

The best course of action if you encounter dubious pages such as rarely is to close and ignore them. However, if these pages appear semi-regularly, it could signal that a PUP is present on your system. Run a scan with a reputable security solution and see if it manages to detect any intruders.


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