The site is a page that would attempt to hijack your Web browser’s notifications to promote dodgy products and shady services. While Web browser notifications can be a useful tool if used the correct way, dubious websites only use them to bombard their visitors with unwanted and irrelevant advertisements.

Promotes Dodgy Products and Shady Services

Operators of dodgy pages like the site tend to use a variety of tricks to get the user to allow them to display Web browser notifications. It would appear that the site claims to host adult content as its visitors are asked to confirm their age. However, this is nothing more but a trick as clicking on the button that is meant to confirm your age will actually give the shady page permission to display browser notifications.

It is far more likely for users who browse dodgy content to come across the site. This is due to the fact that dubious websites tend to promote each other to generate more traffic. Furthermore, if the site gets your permission to display Web browser notifications, you will quickly notice that this page would not hesitate to bombard you with advertisements f various low-quality products and fake services. You should avoid clicking on any of the advertisements promoted by the site as they are far from trustworthy.

If you are experiencing constant Web browser notifications from the page, you should look into revoking all the permissions given to this dodgy site. This can be done easily via your Web browser notifications.


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