DeathRansom Ransomware

DeathRansom Ransomware Description

DeathRansom Ransomware has entered the rankings of extremely destructive malware threats, ones that seek certain file types on an infected system only to encrypt the files and hold them for ransom. Coming off of the heels of its predecessor known as Wacatac Ransomware, DeathRansom Ransomware performs virtually the same processes to encrypt files and demand a ransom from victimized computer users.

While DeathRansom and Wacatac are similar, they appear to tag-teamed efforts to spread through spam email messages as malicious attachments reaching countless computers. Commonly, a simple “read-me.txt” file is attached in the malicious emails that ends up spreading DeathRansom where it may load without a user's knowledge.

The actions of DeathRansom Ransomware may end up being irreversible unless one is able to pay the ransom, which we do not recommend. Instead of paying up the ransom demanded by DeathRansom to supposedly restore the files that it encrypted, it is best to take the alternative route to first eliminate DeathRansom and seek a system backup. The removal process for DeathRansom usually involves a trusted antimalware resource, which is essential for the detection and removal of ransomware threats like DeathRansom.

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