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DarkStealer Malware

DarkStealer is an extremely threatening malware that is being offered as a MaaS (Malware-as-a-Service) on underground hacker forums. Hackers can purchase the threat by paying a monthly subscription. Upon infiltrating the targeted computer, the DarkStealer Malware can perform a vast set of nefarious activities, as it has features belonging to an infostealer, file grabber and a RAT (Remote Access Trojan).

One of the core functionalities of the threat is its ability to allow threat actors to execute arbitrary commands on the infected system. The hackers can manipulate the file system, drop additional corrupted payloads, and exfiltrate selected files. The DarkStealer Malware can extract sensitive information such as login credentials, cookies, browsing history and more from all popular Web browsers. The threat has a separate component that is capable of performing the same but for email clients. 

The DarkStealer Malware also can establish keylogging routines or take screenshots of the system that might include any documents and accounts opened at the time. Following the growing trend of crypto-collecting, the creators of DarkStealer malware also have added such features to it. The threat can collect crypto-wallet addresses and private data from installed VPN clients and Discord. 

When dealing with the DarkStealer Malware users are strongly encouraged to rely on a reputable anti-malware solution to clean their computers. 


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