Dark Bot

Dark Bot is a sad case, as far as malware goes. In general, because there is a very serious threat named Dark Bot causing a lot of infections right now, anything named Dark Bot needs to be treated with suspicion. In other words, unless you are already familiar with Dark Bot, avoid Dark Bot like the plague.

History and Nature of Dark Bot

Dark Bot did not begin as malware. Dark Bot was originally written in 2003, as an IRC chatbot, capable of carrying out basic conversations with people. Dark Bot was created with the best of intentions, in order to provide automated answers to repetitive questions on help channels, by pulling information from a database. In other words, Dark Bot was written so that more people could get help with their questions, while requiring less effort from human users at the answering end. Dark Bot is widely used, versatile, easily modified, and available in many different human languages – making it easy to modify Dark Bot for dark purposes.

In its current, malevolent variety, Dark Bot is being used to log keystrokes and send spam, and may be used to add the infected computer to a botnet, allowing the botnet controller to use the affected system secretly for his or her own purposes. Therefore, Dark Bot represents a threat to the security of the infected PC, and to the security of the user's identity, because Dark Bot allows passwords and personal information to be stolen. In principle, Dark Bot could be modified to perform any kind of malicious, remote activity of which viruses are capable.

What You Can Do to Avoid Dark Bot Infection

It is unclear at this point whether Dark Bot is a Trojan, hidden in downloaded files or on malicious websites, or if Dark Bot is a worm, which replicates itself through spam or infected drives. It is possible that Dark Bot uses both propagation methods. It is extremely important to protect against a Dark Bot infection before it occurs, by using anti-virus software, because Dark Bot does not cause any symptoms that will be noticeable to the user of the infected computer – aside from alerts from security software that can detect Dark Bot's presence.

File System Details

Dark Bot may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. darkbot.exe


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