Dardendly.info is a hoax website, designed with the sole purpose of tricking users into subscribing to its push notification services. This is an extremely popular scheme run by countless, virtually identical websites. The core of the scheme consists of luring visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button under various pretenses. Afterward, these sites can begin to deliver intrusive and unwanted advertising material to the affected device. The browser permissions they receive are so broad that the sites can continue to generate more advertisements, even if users shut down the browser completely. 

The most popular scenario by far is for the website to imitate conducting a CAPTCHA check for bots. However, Dardendly.info has adopted a different strategy. It presents its visitors with a video window that is supposedly encountering some issues. Below the video users will find the following message:

'Press Allow to watch the video'

While the obvious consequence of the falling for the Dardendly.info tactic would be a severely diminished user experience, users have a lot more to worry about. Engaging with the presented ads could take them to dubious or outright unsafe third-party websites. They could land on phishing pages, questionable online casinos, gaming platforms, domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or actual malware threats. 

It is recommended to open the 'Notifications' or 'Permissions' settings depending on your browser and then remove all access that has been granted to Dardendly.info.


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