Daisybuleonclock.com Description

Daisybuleonclock.com is a mostly empty website, but don't let that fool you - the website exists for the sole purpose of carrying out a popular browser scam. It tries to fool its visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button by employing deceptive social-engineering tactics. Daisybuleonclock.com is in no way unique; in fact, the opposite is true. There are countless websites virtually identical to each other that are all propagating the same type of scam, and more websites are popping into existence every single day.

By far, the most popular scenario is for the scam website to pretend to be performing a captcha bot check. Daisybuleonclock.com, however, has chosen a different approach, trying to take advantage of the curiosity of its visitors. Anyone who lands on the site will be presented with a video window that appears to be currently buffering. For those who might miss the implication, there also is a straightforwards message - 'Click Allow to continue.'

Following the instructions will most likely not result in any actual video being played, but Daisyblueonclock.com will receive all of the permissions it requires to start executing its agenda. The website will begin generating unsolicited advertisements on the affected device, and even closing the browser will not be able to stop them. The pop-ups and redirects' frequency could start to interfere with the browsing experience on the device seriously. Furthermore, clicking on the advertisements themselves could expose users to third-party websites peddling PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), fake software updates, dubious online casinos, etc.