Judging by the address of Daily-news.one, people might assume that it is a reputable place to get relevant news articles about current events. However, this conjecture couldn't be further from the truth. The website is yet another vehicle for a popular browser-based tactic. The myriad of virtually identical websites dedicated to this scheme all try to bait their visitors into subscribing to their push notification services. If the sites are successful, they would receive broad browser permissions allowing them to start running an intrusive advertising campaign on the affected devices. 

Most deceiving websites of this type pretend to be carrying out a CAPTCHA check for bots urging users to click the 'Allow' and prove that they are humans. Daily-news.one, on the other hand, relies on a different tactic. It displays a video that is unable to be played currently. The site prominently displays the following instruction: 

'Press Allow to watch the video'

All users who fall for this trick will soon find themselves flooded with unwanted pop-ups. The advertisements could deliver additional questionable content or lead to more misleading pages. The browsing experience on the device also will be affected severely. To stop the Daily-news.one tactic, users will have to revoke all of the permissions that they granted to the site unwittingly. Usually, this can be achieved via either the 'Permissions' or the 'Notifications' settings depending on the specific browser.


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