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CXK-NMSL Ransomware

The CXK-NMSL Ransomware is a file-locker that is likely to target Chinese users predominantly. The ransom note that it delivers is in Chinese, and there is no translation included – it is highly improbable that it will be distributed to other regions in its current state. Despite focusing on just one specific region, the CXK-NMSL Ransomware is a threat that should not be underestimated since it has the ability to cause long-lasting damage to your files. Just like many other file-encryption Trojans this one also strives to encrypt as many files as possible, rendering their contents unusable. After the CXK-NMSL Ransomware encrypts a file, it will apply a change to its name and mark it with the '.cxk_nmsl' extension.

The Authors of the CXK-NMSL Ransomware Want to be Paid via the Bilibili Platform

Of course, the CXK-NMSL Ransomware will not finish its attack without deploying a ransom message that contains more details about the attack, as well as the demands of the attackers. As stated above, the text is in Chinese, and it advises the victim to visit a custom page on Bilibili, a reputable video sharing website in China. It appears that the ransom payment that the operators of the CXK-NMSL Ransomware ask for can be paid via virtual currencies used on the Bilibili platform. The instructions can be found in the ransom message called 'CXK-NMSL-README.txt.'

Needless to say, complying with the demands of the cybercriminals is a bad idea since there is a high chance that they will not offer anything in return. There have been many cases in which ransomware victims were tricked after completing the ransom payment, leaving them empty-handed.

If you think that the CXK-NMSL Ransomware has locked your files, it is recommended to run an anti-malware application that will remove the corrupted files, and prevent the Trojan from causing more mayhem. After this, you can try to undo the damage done to the data by restoring from a backup, or by utilizing alternative data recovery options.


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