By GoldSparrow in Malware

The Cutlet ATM threat, also called Cutlet Maker, has been quite popular in the world of cyber criminals for about four years now. Despite its rather high price, the Cutlet ATM malware has been a preferred tool by many cyber crooks. The authors of the Cutlet ATM threat are providing their clients with very thorough instructions in both English and Russian. These instructions not only teach the client how to set up and use the Cutlet ATM malware but also how to gain access to the USB port of the ATM and how to avoid detection.

To employ the Cutlet ATM threat successfully, the attackers need to split into two groups – one that operates the malware behind a computer screen, and one, which will likely have to drill a hole into the ATM targeted to plug the USB containing the threat into the machine. Once the Cutlet ATM threat is launched onto the ATM, the attackers will be presented with a pop-up window containing an image of a chef and what appears to be a cartoon cookie and have to fill in a code provided by the author of the, to ensure that the attackers are not using a pirated copy of the malware. Then the attackers can begin draining the ATM.

The Cutlet ATM malware is compatible with one model of ATM, which is from the Diebold Nixdorf brand. This particular model is very common in Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Moldova. More and more financial institutions are upping their game when it comes to cybersecurity, but some countries are still lagging, and cyber crooks are making sure to make a quick buck while they still can.


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