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The cuteRansomware Ransomware is a malware threat that can effectively lock users out of accessing their files. The threat belongs to the ransomware type. As such, it leverages strong cryptographic algorithms to encrypt a large array of file types stored on any computer system that has been successfully breached. The hackers' goal for unleashing the cuteRansomware Ransomware is to then extort their victims for money in exchange for sending them the decryption key and software tool that could potentially restore the encrypted data.

Any file affected by the cuteRansomware Ransomware will have its original name changed completely. The threat substitutes the names of the files it encrypts with an entirely random string of characters followed by '.jgy' as a new extension. As is typical for ransomware threats, the cuteRansomware Ransomware also creates a note with instructions for its victims. Instead of dropping it in the form of a text file, though, it generates a pop-up window containing the instructions.

According to the note, the cuteRansomware Ransomware employs the AES-256 algorithm for its encryption process. As for the ransom, the hackers want to receive the sum of 0.01 BTC (Bitcoin). The current Bitcoin exchange rate amounts to $234 approximately, but the cryptocurrency is infamous for being extremely volatile. The sum must be sent to a crypto wallet address provided in the threat's ransom note. In addition, at the bottom of the pop-up window, the cuteRansomware Ransomware display the deadline by which the transaction must be completed.

The full text of the cuteRansomware Ransomware's instructions is:

'Your files have now been encrypted with irreversible AES-256 algorithm. Please do not modify, move or delete any of your files as it may cause permanent loss of your data. Instead, we have a better solution for your dilemma.

You may pay us a ransom to get your files decrypted. This guarantees all of your data to be returned as they were before you executed this file.

Send 0.01 BTC to the following address:'


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