CryptoMeister Ransomware

CryptoMeister Ransomware Description

The CryptoMeister Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that seems to be targeted to French speakers. The CryptoMeister Ransomware carries out a typical ransomware attack, encrypting the victims' files and then asking for a ransom to come up with the decryption key needed to recover the affected files. Threats like the CryptoMeister Ransomware take the victims' files hostage and then demand the payment of a ransom. PC security experts strongly counsel affected users to refrain from paying the CryptoMeister Ransomware ransom, because there is no assurance that the people responsible for this threat will keep their word and deliver the decryption key. Furthermore, paying the CryptoMeister Ransomware ransom allows con artists to continue developing and releasing threats like the CryptoMeister Ransomware.

The CryptoMeister Ransomware – A Meister of Extortion

The CryptoMeister Ransomware can be delivered in a variety of ways. The most probable way in which the CryptoMeister Ransomware is being delivered to the victims' computers is by using corrupted email attachments that download and install the CryptoMeister Ransomware onto the victim's machine. Once the CryptoMeister Ransomware enters a computer, it will use a combination of the AES and RSA encryptions to force the victim's files to be inaccessible. The CryptoMeister Ransomware will target user generated files, which may include PDFs, text files, audio and video files, images, and files generated by software such as Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc. The CryptoMeister Ransomware demands the payment of 0.1 BitCoin, approximate $150 USD at the current exchange rate.

How the CryptoMeister Ransomware may Extort Its Victims

After encrypting the victim's files, the CryptoMeister Ransomware will deliver its ransom note. Below is the original text in French, as well as an English translation of the CryptoMeister Ransomware's ransom demands:

Votre ordinateur à été verrouillé
Tous vos fichiers ont été cryptés. Pour récupérer l'accès à votre PC, vous devez envoyer 0.1 bitcoin à l'adresse ci-dessous
Etape 1 : Allez sur xxxxs://
Etape 2: Créez un compte et suivez les instructions
Etape 3 : Allez dans la section "Acheter des bitcoins" puis achetez bitcoin
Etape 4: Allez dans la partie "Envoyer", entrez l'adresse indiquée ci dessus et le montant (0.1 bitcoin)
Etape 5: Cliquez sur le bouton ci-dessous des que dest fait, vos fichiers seront décryptés et le virus disparaitra
Si vous tentez de contourner le verrouillage, tous les fichiers seront publiés sur internet ainsi que vos identifiants pour tous les sites.'

Your computer has been locked
All your files are encrypted. To gain access to your PC, you need to send to 0,1 Bitcoin address below
Step 1: Go to the xxxxs: //
Step 2: Create an account and follow the instructions
Step 3: Go to the section "Buy Bitcoins", and then buy Bitcoin
Step 4: Go to the section "Send", enter the email address above and the sum of (0,1 Bitcoin)
Step 5: click the button below to verify that the payment, your files will be decrypted and the virus disappear
If you try to bypass the lock, all the files will be published on the Internet, as well as your login for all sites.'

It is not advised to follow the instructions in the CryptoMeister Ransomware's ransom note, especially since there is nothing that can guarantee that the people responsible for the CryptoMeister Ransomware will keep their promise and provide the decryption key.

Preventing the CryptoMeister Ransomware Attacks

Unfortunately, the files encrypted by the CryptoMeister Ransomware are not recoverable with current technology. Because of this, take preventive measures to ensure that your data is safe from attacks like the CryptoMeister Ransomware, which are becoming common increasingly. The best protection against threats like the CryptoMeister Ransomware is to have file backups. This allows computer users to recover their data from the backup copy without needing to pay the ransom, which removes any leverage the con artists gain over the victim during the attack. Besides having file backups, PC security researchers advise computer users to have a strong anti-malware program that is fully up-to-date.

Technical Information

File System Details

CryptoMeister Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %APPDATA%rnsm.exe 591,872 85217894ac89103e2ea0d9cf4657c2af 2
2 rans0m.exe 176,640 629feff5503090f01e737c0567811814 0

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