CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware

CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware Description

The CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware is a threat that will damage your files, and, unfortunately, even it's creators may not help you recover your data. The creators of the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware were unsuccessful in implementing a file-encryption process, and because of this, the files will not be encrypted properly. Instead, it will overwrite their contents with unintelligible characters. Once the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware ha enciphered a file, recovering it would only be possible by recovering the original file from a backup.

It is not clear whether the admins the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware know about this bug, or if the malware is being used to trick users into sending them money. As soon as the ransomware is inside a computer, it will corrupt a large portion of the data, and then display a ransom demand to extort the victim. The ransom note is called 'unlockFiles.txt,' and it tells its victims that by sending the right amount of Bitcoin to a wallet address listed in the file, they can get their data back. They also are instructed to contact for the decryptor. However, only after completing the payment. Regretfully, there's nothing the criminals can do to help you get your data back. Therefore, you should not agree to send them any money – we guarantee that sending them Bitcoin will do nothing to help you.

It is Impossible to Recover the Files Damaged by the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware

Besides corrupting data and displaying a ransom note, the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware wi add some small changes to the affected system. It will attach the '.CryptoDarkRubix' extension to the damaged files' names and the desktop background will be replaced with an image named 'darkrubixhacking.jpg.' This threat also may be known as the 'Ranet Ransomware.'

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to recover your data if the CryptoDarkRubix Ransomware has infected your computer. As we already said, paying is out of the question, and you should use an anti-malware service to eliminate the threatening software. Once you have this is done, you can proceed to estimate the damage caused, and try to look for backup copies of your important files.

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