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Crypt2022+ Ransomware

The Crypt2022+ Ransomware goes after its victims' files and renders them unusable via a strong encryption algorithm. The threat is extremely dangerous as it can affect a large number of file types. The attackers will then extort the affected users for money in exchange for sending them the required decryption key and software tool for the restoration of the data.

As part of its encryption process, Crypt2022+ marks each locked file by appending '.Crypt2022+' to that file's original name. When all targeted files have been encrypted, the malware will proceed to generate a text file named 'HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt' on the breached system. The file will carry the ransom note with instructions from the hackers.

Ransom Note's Details

According to the message, the cybercriminals responsible for unleashing the threat want to be paid exactly $4000. In exchange, they promise to send back the decryptor program and key. The note mentions a single email address at '' that can be used to reach the hackers.

Although losing your precious personal or work-related data can be devastating, do not be hasty. Ransomware operators should not be trusted. There are no guarantees that they will keep their end of the deal or that even if they send a decryptor tool, it might be able to restore all of the affected data to its previous state.

The full text of the note generated by the Crypt2022+ Ransomware is:

'PAY 4000 usd
CRypt AES-dual crypt.
network crypt+
decryptor + key


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