Threat Database Adware 'Critical Framework Error' Pop-Up Scam

'Critical Framework Error' Pop-Up Scam

The 'Critical Framework Error' pop-up is a fake alert that appears unexpectedly on your desktop while working on it. The sign warns you that your Windows OS has prevented potentially harmful software from running and provides a specific phone number for technical support. The number in question is (08) 7089 4146, and it has nothing to do with Microsoft or any Microsoft-related entity. You should not waste your time getting in touch with unknown players hiding behind one of the most popular business corporations in the world.

While the real purpose of the crooks is unclear, making a call to get in touch with them could only spell trouble. They could ask you dozens of questions regarding your computer “issue” in an attempt to look genuinely motivated to help you. Sadly, they are much more likely to gather as much sensitive information about you as they can. That’s what they are most of the time, indeed. Points of interest could relate to personal data, login credentials, banking information, etc.

Another sign that you may be dealing with fake technical support fraudsters is whether they'll ask you for monetary compensation for their services. Most software vendors offer free technical support for their software customers. The moment you get asked to pay for such services with BTC or other popular digital currencies is the moment you should realize something's wrong. That's why we recommend that you close the 'Critical Framework Error' the moment it shows up on your desktop. If it keeps coming back, deploy a robust anti-malware scanner to neutralize the fake 'Critical framework Error'  pop-up, along with other potentially threatening software that might land on your machine in the meantime.


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