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Cridex Trojan

By Domesticus in Trojans

Cridex Trojan is a Trojan that targets websites that are based on WordPress. Cridex Trojan is distributed through malicious email attachments that carry links with corrupted websites. Cridex Trojan can break a CAPTCHA test in an attempt to email accounts. Once executed, Cridex Trojan penetrates into C drive and starts its damaging actions. Cridex Trojan contacts a C&C server through Fast flux networks which makes it very hard to find and uninstall from the affected PC. Cridex Trojan looks for some live proxy in order to obtain access to C&C server. Cridex Trojan strives to gather confidential information of PC users. Then Cridex Trojan transmits all stolen data to the C&C server where it can be used for other damaging actions.

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