Description is a dubious website created to perform a singular function, and it is not to protect you as its address name might suggest. No, the page's sole purpose is to deliver questionable content to its visitors, while also trying to trick them into subscribing to its push notification services. So that it can deliver even more unwanted and intrusive messages in the form of advertisements.

When users land on, their IP addresses are scanned and analyzed. The site then determines the visitor's geolocation and chooses its subsequent behavior based on it. For example, some users may be shown advertisements for questionable browser-based games, while others may encounter a variation of an online tactic. One particular tactic that has been observed to be carried by is 'Your McAfee Subscription Has Expired.'

At the same time, will try to lure users into clicking the displayed 'Allow' button via deceptive messages. If successful, the site will receive all the browser permissions it needs to start running an advertising campaign that will deliver unwanted advertisements to the device directly. The advertisements themselves could contain the same untrustworthy content that is promoted by the site.

Landing on pages such as could be caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) present on your computer or device. If you notice such abnormal behavior, scan the computer with a professional security solution and see if any suspicious applications will be detected.