Crackvirus Ransomware

Crackvirus Ransomware Description

A new malware threat is targeting users' computers. Named the Crackvirus Ransomware, it can cause significant damage to the devices it manages to infect. By utilizing an uncrackable encryption algorithm, the threat is capable of rendering nearly all of the victim's files unusable. Documents, PDFs, archives, databases, pictures, photos, audio, and video files will become inaccessible.

As part of its nefarious activities, the Crackvirus Ransomware also will mark the names of the files it targets. More specifically, the threat will append '.crackvirus' to the original name of each file. To make sure that victims know what is happening, Crackvirus will change the current desktop wallpaper with an image of its own. The threat will also create a ransom note in the form of a text file named 'Attention Please.txt.'

Demands Overview

The ransom message states that to get their data back, victims will have to pay a ransom to the cybercriminals. The demanded amount is either $3,550 or 0.065 BTC (Bitcoin). At the moment, the specified Bitcoin amount is worth a lot less, valued at $2750. The cybercriminals will accept payments only in the chosen cryptocurrency.

Crackvirus Ransomware's victims are expected to establish contact with the attackers to receive additional details, such as the specific crypto-wallet address to which the ransom must be transferred. The note mentions a single email address that can be used for this purpose - ''

The full text of the threat's ransom-demanding message is:

'Attention Please You are in a Trap
Your all files have been virus affected as like a game with you,

Your computer was infected with a crack software very hard virus. you won't be able to recover them
without our help.
Remember : 1. Please don’t try to rename or modify file extension if you change it then you will lost
your data & file permanently.
2. Don’t put new windows or format your hard drive or ssd if you do that then you will lost
your data & file permanently.
What can I do to get my files back?
We also allow to recover all of your data/files and remove the virus from your computer. The price
for your data/files recovery is $3,550 USD or $0.065 BTC. Payment can be made in Bitcoin only.
How do I pay, where do I get Bitcoin?
Purchasing Bitcoin varies from country to country, you are best advised to do a quick Google search
Yourself to find out how to buy Bitcoin.
Payment information Amount: $3,550 USD or $0.065 BTC if you don’t have Bitcoin! knock in mail address.
Payment Address :
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