CRaccoon Description

CRaccoon is an application that promises to help users clean their computers and mobile devices from unwanted files and thus attain better performance. The application is published by Waterfall Technology LTD and lists as important features its ability to delete cookies from Chrome and Mozilla, remove any temporary files that are older than 48 hours automatically, and clean the Downloads folder of the system from files older than 14 days. 

Although the application has an official site and can be downloaded from there, users also have reported encountering it in software bundles. This questionable technique involves packaging an intruder application (CRaccoon, in this case) alongside the installation of a more popular software product. The installation of the hidden application is usually added as a pre-selected choice under the 'Custom' and 'Advanced' settings. Applications that rely on such deceptive distribution methods are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and they are usually equipped with several intrusive functionalities.

The most common one is data-tracking. CRaccoon is not an exception and visiting its website reveals the various data it collects. The application tracks the device's IP address, browser type, browser version, all visited pages, the exact time and date the pages were opened, how much time you spend on each page, some unique device identifies and other diagnostic data. If CRaccoon is running on a mobile device, it also may collect the type of device, the device's unique ID, the OS, type of browser, IP address and more. In addition, various cookies and other tracking techniques (beacons, tags, and scripts) may be employed as well. CRaccoon also will attempt to gain persistence by adding itself to the startup items and injecting a new startup entry in the system's Registry.