Users who land on, either voluntarily or most likely due to forced redirects, will find themselves staring at a mostly empty website. They shouldn't let their guard down, however, as the whole reason for the existence of the website is for it to propagate a popular browser-based scam. The goal is to lure visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button through the use of manipulative social-engineering tactics. The most popular scenario that is being observed among this type of scam websites is for them to pretend to be carrying out a captcha check for bots. relies on a different strategy. In the middle of the website is a buffering bar, indicating that a video has encountered a problem and cannot be played at the moment. The accompanying message states:

'Click Allow to continue'

Users who follow the instructions will unwittingly give all of the browser permissions it requires. The site will then begin to deliver a steady stream of unwanted ads that could start to obstruct the normal use of the affected device. Users who think that simply closing the browser would be enough to stop the ads from appearing would soon be proven wrong.

While cannot be considered as anything more than being an annoyance, users still have to exercise caution when clicking on any of the ads they are being shown. Through redirects, they can be taken to shady websites that are pushing suspicious PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or even show alerts for fake software updates that could be used as a delivery vehicle for malware threats. Landing pages for tech support scams are also quite common.

Upon the first signs of's activity, users should take the necessary steps to stop the scam. Usually, this means opening either the 'Permissions' or 'Notifications' tab of your respective browser, locating, and revoking all of the site's permissions.

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