Threat Database Adware "Congratulations Dear Amazon Customer" Scam

"Congratulations Dear Amazon Customer" Scam

A tactic called ‘Amazon Customer Survey scam”, also known as “Congratulations Dear Amazon Customer” has been spotted being distributed on the internet and popping up on consumer’s phones and computers. “Your IP address has been selected,” it states and gives you a chance to win Apple iPhone 11 Pro, as well as other prizes. Amazon Customer Survey is nothing less than a scheme, though. It assures you a prize to get you to reveal your payment information, and it demands that you pay for various subscriptions, fees, shipment, etc. No iPhone is actually given to anyone.

If you have been tricked, you will want to report it to your country’s online crimes agency. These vary in each country. It’s always a good idea to inform this to law enforcement, even if you may not get your money back. Also, it’s good practice to use web protection to block infected websites. Amazon Customer Survey scam, for example, is promoted by sites like,,, etc. These sites are known for being infected, so having a program to stop them from loading on your computer would be helpful.


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