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Conduit Search Description

Conduit Search (PUP.MacOS.Conduit.SD) is browser hijacker that's mostly considered as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It targets both Windows and Mac computers. As for the Mac variation of Conduit Search, it may change the infected device’s browser settings and locks them. While it doesn’t seem to severely compromise the security of the infected system, Conduit Search limits the user’s options and detrimentally affects browsing experience.

Conduit Search is distributed in software bundles. Most often the bundles carrying Conduit present as multimedia tools and utilities collections. Conduit gets installed alongside whatever other software is in the bundle. In most cases the affected user won’t even realize they have installed Conduit Search until they start their browser again.

Conduit Search changes the homepage, new tab and default search engine options of the affected browser. On Mac devices, Conduit works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Conduit Search is also showing as a community toolbar. It is supposed to enhance advertising opportunities for businesses but ultimately the way it is distributed and the fact that it changes browser settings without the user’s consent makes it a potentially unwanted application (PUA).
Conduit Search doesn’t seem to be a real unique search engine either. It displays results from Bing search instead.

Similar browser hijackers for Mac have been observed to redirect search traffic to a number of sites before displaying the final results. This is done to drive fake traffic and ad revenue to shady sites often operated by cybercriminals. As stated above, Conduit Search doesn’t pose a significant threat on its own. Nevertheless, users may not want such an intrusive application on their device. Luckily, most Mac security software solutions will have no problem completely removing Conduit Search from Mac devices.

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