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'' Pop-Ups

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Computer users that experience pop-ups by are strongly advised against calling the phone number 855-463-1325 that is provided on the website. is classified as a phishing site and is associated with a browser hijacker. You may have installed the browser hijacker linked to by while handling a free software installed with the 'Express' or 'Typical' option recklessly. Many free software installers on the Internet may contain adware and badware like GoGoGo Radio and Aducky to generate pay-per-install revenue for their distributors. The browser hijacker at hand is programmed to change the start page and new tab page settings of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer to

Affected computer users may be presented with messages from that suggest their Microsoft Windows OS is exhibiting suspicious activity and their access to the Internet is blocked for security reasons. You should not be fooled because browser hijackers cannot block your access to the Internet and their aim is to incite a sense of insecurity in users only. The ' pop-ups may list the phone number 855-463-1325 to direct users to technical support agents that may help them resolve their problems. However, 855-463-1325 is not operated by legitimate technical support agents, and you might be welcomed to install rogue system tools like File Rescue and ErrorFix and lose more than $200 on repairs you do not need. The browser hijacker associated with may work in your system background to make sure you are redirected to the phishing content on The '' pop-ups may feature logos and other visual elements from Microsoft to claim credibility, and you should be careful. You should install a trusted anti-spyware tool that can scan your OS and delete the browser hijacker affecting your PC.

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Help! I had this happen to me and I called the number 5 times thinking it was windows support but it was a whole different number. What do I do now to my PC?


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