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Is Backdoor.Win32.Bifrose.aajx the 'Fawkes Virus' that Hacktavist Group Anonymous is Working On? November 15, 2011
Is Microsoft Getting Into A Quarrel with Sophos Over Malware Test? November 9, 2009
Is Your Boyfriend Using Your Computer to Watch Online Porn And Exposing You to Malware? April 15, 2011
Jackie Chan's Death Hoax Continues to Proliferate on Facebook August 2, 2013
Java Browser Plugin Fails to Check the Status of Stolen Digital Certificates as Unsafe March 7, 2013
Java Web Browser Plugin Being Killed Off by Oracle to Curb Endless Security Flaws January 30, 2016
JBoss Exploit Compromises Over 2,000 Computers at K-12 Schools Spreading Samsam Ransomware April 18, 2016
Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Other Celebs Nude Photos Leak in Massive Hacking Scandal September 2, 2014
Jimmy Kimmel is the Most Risky Celebrity to Search for Online October 2, 2014
JS.Crypto (Ransom32) is First JavaScript-Based Ransomware with Ability to Infect Multiple Operating Systems January 6, 2016
Justice Department Report Reveals Identity Theft is Not a Priority March 31, 2010
Justice Served: Police Make Arrests Over Zeus Banking Malware November 19, 2009
Kaspersky Lab Antivirus Software Banned from U.S. Government Computers September 13, 2017
Kids Being Tracked by Thousands of Android Apps without Permission April 17, 2018
Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Many More Celebrities Nude Photos Emerge in Latest Hacking-Related Leak September 21, 2014
Kmart Stores Hit by a Second Credit Card Breach in Three Years June 1, 2017
Known Cybergang Exploits Old WinRAR Flaw to Attack Windows Enterprise Customers April 2, 2019
Koler Android Ransomware Self-Replicates via SMS Disguised as a PhotoViewer App October 23, 2014
Koobface Eyes Google Reader as a Prime Target November 9, 2009
Koobface Hijacks and Redirects Google Search Results to Third-Party Sites December 17, 2009
Koobface Worm Attacks Facebook and MySpace Users December 5, 2008
Koobface Worm Returns to Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace August 10, 2009
Kryogeniks Hacker Who Took Comcast Offline Pleads Guilty to Crime February 25, 2010
Latest Ryuk Ransomware Version Spares Linux Folders January 10, 2020
LeakerLocker Promises to Expose Your Personal Information If You Don't Pay Ransom July 10, 2017
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