'Complete an offer to continue' Virus

'Complete an offer to continue' Virus Description

Type: Adware

The 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus is a Winlocker Trojan that blocks the victim's computer in order to profit from online surveys and marketing. The 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus represents a new tactic that criminals use to monetize Winlocker infections. The 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus uses a typical Winlocker scam with a new twist. While other ransomware Trojans typically demand a ransom directly from the victim, the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus instead allows criminals to profit by forcing their victims to complete online surveys to be able to gain personal information.

When the victim tries to access their computer, a message written in red and white letters over a black background will pop up instead. This message fills up the whole screen and includes a picture of a lock and a list of supposed special offers for popular businesses such as McDonald's and Starbucks. Clicking on these offers brings up a browser, where the victim will need to fill out a survey in order to continue. It is important to note that following the instructions contained in the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus message will do nothing to unblock your computer, simply allowing criminals to profit at your expense. Rather, steps should be taken to remove the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus from your computer immediately.

The 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus will usually enter a computer through the use of exploits which target known vulnerability in applications and operating systems. The 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus can be distributed through social engineering channels including phishing email messages and social media scams. Once the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus is installed on the victim's computer, the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus makes changes to the Windows Registry that prevent the victim from bypassing its full screen message, effectively taking the infected computer hostage. To bypass the 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus message, ESG malware researchers advise initializing up the compromised computer in Safe Mode or applying an alternate start method such as booting up Windows from an external memory device.

Technical Information

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The following messages associated with 'Complete an offer to continue' Virus were found:
Unlock this Page to continue!
This page will immediately unlock and restore normal access upon your participation in an offer below. Please use valid information!
Your desktop was locked. Complete an offer below to unlock your desktop.
Complete an offer to continue.

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