CommandImprovement Description

CommandImprovement is another dubious application that aims to sneak itself onto users' Mac systems without being noticed. Like most programs of its time, once inside the computer or device, CommandImprovement will begin performing several intrusive actions to generate monetary gains for its operators. Due to the deceptive tactics involved in its distribution, the application is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

One of the obvious consequences of having CommandImprovement installed on your device is a significant increase in the advertisement encountered while browsing. The application acts as adware and generates various untrustworthy advertisements that could appear as pop-ups, banners, surveys, etc. Users who interact with the presented advertisements risk being redirected to suspicious third-party websites.

At the same time, CommandImprovement also ould attempt to take over certain browser settings. A common behavior observed in such browser hijackers is to go after the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. The PUP will set all three settings to open a promoted address, which typically belongs to a fake search engine.

However, PUPs have another nasty functionality - data-harvesting. Nearly all applications of this type track the users browsing activities. They capture the browsing history, search history, as well as several device details and transmit them to a remote server. Afterward, the operators of the specific application can abuse the acquired data in a variety of ways.