'COELECSA' Email Virus

'COELECSA' Email Virus Description

The 'COELECSA' Email Virus is a misleading adware campaign. The real intent of the 'COELECSA' Email Virus is to fool computer users into installing RemcosRAT, a threatening Remote Administration Tool that, when inside a computer, will grant third parties the remote control of the infected machine. Once they have obtained the computer's control, the hackers can collect any data types, such as the user's private details, including user names, passwords, online banking information and perform countless other actions, which will put the computer users, their information, privacy and machine in great danger.

In the scheme executed by the 'COELECSA' Email Virus, the victims will receive an email claiming that they need to evaluate an order. To do the evaluation, they are asked to open an Excel document named 'Noua commandD_ECANDES – August.xlsm' or something similar. By opening the Excel document, instead of finding the order that needs to be evaluated, they will open the path for RemcosRAT to be installed on their machines.

As you can see, this is a common but threatening scheme. However, RemcosRat only will be installed if the Excell document is opened. Therefore, wise computer users who do not open email attachments blindly and always take measures to confirm their origins and authenticity do not need to worry about being infected by RemcosRAT or another threat such as Possibly Unwanted Programs (PUPs), adware, browser hijackers, etc.

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