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CM Addon is a low quality Web browser add-on that is considered a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program by PC security researchers. CM Addon has both adware and browser hijacker characteristics because its main goal is to expose computer users to advertisements and that CM Addon often does this by taking over the PC user's Web browser and forcing it to visit websites associated with CM Addon repeatedly. CM Addon should be removed at once from the affected computer in order to stop the variety of unwanted symptoms that have been linked to this PUP.

The Presence of CM Addon May Cause Annoying Side Effects

Malware researchers have received reports of numerous symptoms associated with CM Addon, including the following:

  • CM Addon changes your Web browser settings in order to promote its affiliated websites. Some changes CM Addon may make to your Web browser settings include changing its homepage, default search engine and default website for new tab or window.
  • CM Addon takes over the PC user's Web browser, forcing it to visit websites associated with CM Addon in some way, usually to expose the PC user to marketing material.
  • CM Addon is usually responsible for pop-up advertisements on the affected Web browser. There are several types of advertisements that have been linked to CM Addon. CM Addon may cause pop-up windows, video advertisements, sliding advertisements, banner advertisements and in-text advertisements. These last type of marketing materials are often quite intrusive, highlighting certain words on unrelated websites and turning them into hyperlinks that may display an enormous pop-up windows as soon as the PC user's mouse passes over the highlighted word.
  • CM Addon consumes system resources and bandwidth, which may make the affected system run slower than normal, crash or freeze frequently and connect to the Internet at a slower pace than normal.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should remove CM Addon at once from your computer. Once CM Addon has been uninstalled, security researchers advise the use of a strong, reliable anti-virus program that is fully up-to-date to scan the affected PC in search for any remaining content linked to CM Addon.

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