is a deceptive website crafted to perform a singular function - the proliferation of a popular browser-based tactic. The site will try to trick any visitor into subscribing to its push-notification services by displaying various misleading alerts or error messages. Anyone who follows the instructions and clicks the 'Allow' button will give vast browser permissions to the website. As a result, could now begin to run an intrusive advertising campaign by delivering unsolicited advertisements directly to the screen of the affected device. Even if the user closed the Web browser completely, it will not have any effect on the generation of unwanted advertisements.

One observed scenario that is being run by is to show a page with 'Download' and 'Read online' buttons for a supposed document. Before users can interact with the buttons, however, an overlay tells them that they will have to 'Click Allow to continue.'

While the misleading website cannot cause any direct damage to the affected device, interacting with any of the advertisements generated by it is considered a security risk. Through forced redirects, users can be taken to unsafe third-party pages. Phishing pages, technical support tactic landing pages, shady adult websites, domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are all common redirect locations. As such, it is strongly recommended to avoid interacting with any of the displayed advertisements.


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