Description is a hoax website that relies on fake scare tactics to trick users into downloading a promoted application, in most cases a barely functioning PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The page is designed to mimic the appearance of an official Apple Security website. Users who land on it will first see a pop-up message stating that malware has been found on their devices and they should hit OK to deal with the problem.

The next step involves showing the main page of the site. There, users are presented with unfounded claims about a ridiculous number of malware threats - over 129, being detected on their iPhones. Keep in mind that no website can run malware scans on its own. 

The fake claims continue - the unnamed threats have, apparently, already done considerable damage to the device by affecting the battery, the calendar, and attackers gaining access to user's photos. To fix these supposedly dire problems, the site instructs its visitors to tap the provided button and install a promoted application. appears to be promoting a legitimate application named HotVPN Fast & secure that is available on the official App Store. Even if the application itself is perfectly safe, the methods used by the site remain just as untrustworthy and deceitful. 

Such fearmongering tactics are a common occurrence among hoax websites among those targeting iPhone users, especially. Keep that in mind and do not fall for their tricks.