ClientPcSpeedup Description

ClientPcSpeedup is a program that offers to make users' PC systems faster, more efficient and far less likely to experience system error. In essence, the application presents itself as a PC optimization tool. What some users have noticed though, is that ClientPcSpeedup has appeared on their systems without them installing it specifically. Such behavior is typical for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that are rarely spread via legitimate distribution channels. Instead, these annoying applications are often included in shady software bundles, as items already selected to be installed.

PUPs can perform a variety of intrusive actions on the system, depending on the goals of their operators. ClientPcSpeedup is unlikely to be any different. The application may ask users to buy a premium version to unlock its full capabilities. Another common behavior observed in PUPs is the delivery of unwanted advertisements. Apart from being disruptive, the generated advertisements are likely to promote questionable destinations that may include hoax websites, fake giveaways, shady online gaming or betting platforms and more.

Installed PUPs also may try to take control over the user's browsers. If successful, these applications may change the current homepage, new tab page and default search engine with a sponsored address. Keeping PUPs on their computers or devices also may expose users to additional risks. Most applications of this type are capable of data collection. They may be silently siphoning out browsing-related information and numerous device details. Some applications may even try to access sensitive accounts and banking credentials saved as autofill data in the browser.