Description is a deceptive website created with the sole purpose of propagating a browser-based tactic. The goal is to trick unsuspecting visitors into subscribing to the website's push notification services by clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will give all the permissions it needs to start the execution of its agenda - the delivery of unsolicited advertisements to the affected device. 

Landing on will result in the visitor being greeted by a multitude of fake alerts of error messages. The most common tactic employed by these misleading websites, and indeed one used by, is to pretend to be conducting a captcha bot check. The text of the message will state:

'Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Different social engineering alerts displayed by the website could claim that the user has to click 'Allow' if they want to close the page. No matter the exact text, all of the messages and pop-up alerts will have the same implication - click the 'Allow' button. If the user fails to see the red flags, they will soon start experiencing a flood of unwanted advertisements. By that point, closing the affected browser will not be enough to stop the advertisements from appearing. 

Instead, all who fell for the tactic will have to open the 'Settings' menu of their browser, navigate to the 'Permissions' section, find the deceptive website, and revoke all of the permissions that have been granted to it.