Threat Database Adware is a deceptive page that has only one purpose - to generate money for its creators by running a popular browser-based strategy. Typically, users land on these pages either as a result of a redirect from a previously visited website or because they have a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking inside their computers or devices. 

PUPs are intrusive applications that are spread via questionable tactics such as bundling or fake installers. This way they can avoid being noticed by the user and start running their intrusive functions successfully. Most PUPs can deliver unwanted advertisements, promote a dubious address by taking control over the user's Web browser or both. As such, if you notice that your browser is opening strange or unfamiliar pages, it may be a good idea to run a thorough scan with a reputable security solution. 

As for, it shows misleading messages that all urge visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button under various fake pretenses. The deceptive site may pretend to be running a CAPTCHA check, claim that a file is now ready for download, a video will become accessible, etc. Users who click the button will be subscribed to the site's push notification services unknowingly and the consequences could become obvious almost immediately - the page may waste no time to start generating intrusive advertisements and pushing them to the screen of the device via the affected browser. Advertisements delivered by such dubious sources should not be trusted. Indeed, engaging with them could trigger forced redirects leading to other risky or outright unsafe places.  


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