Description is a deceptive website that employs social-engineering tricks to bait visitors into subscribing to its push notification service. The goal of the site is to then abuse its newly acquired browser permissions to run an intrusive ad campaign. This is an extremely popular browser-based tactic and, as a result, countless virtually identical in behavior websites have already flooded the Internet with more being churned out almost daily. 

The exact scheme scenario shown by could vary depending on certain parameters such as the user geolocation. In one observed example, the site shows a video window on its page. It then instructs users that to access the content and watch the video they will have to click the 'Allow' button. 

Afterward, the hoax site will be able to deliver unwanted ad messages even if the browser is closed completely. The delivered advertisements could contain similar clickbait messages in an attempt to get users to interact with them. However, doing so can be risky - clicking on the advertisement could trigger a redirect to a questionable third-party location. It is not uncommon for users to be taken to phishing pages, fake giveaways or other online schemes. 

If you notice that that dubious pages similar to are appearing at an alarming rate during your browsing, this could be a signal that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) has managed to sneak itself onto your computer or device. It is strongly recommended to perform a scan with a reputable security solution as soon as possible to identify any suspicious applications.