Threat Database Browser Hijackers tries to deliver questionable content to its visitors. Of course, it doesn't openly state that this is its goal and instead, achieves it via a browser-based tactic that abuses the legitimate push notifications feature. The site will show users various misleading messages and try to convince them to click the displayed 'Allow' burton.

This is a popular scheme that is being run by countless other websites as well. These hoax pages may try to create the impression that users should click the button as part of a fake CAPTCHA check or that doing so will grant access to additional content. has been observed to use two deceiving scenarios specifically. One states that users should 'Click ALLOW to confirm that you are not a robot!' while the other promises that a video will become available. The text of the second message is 'Your Video Is Ready/ Press Play to start the video.'

However, in reality, users who fall for the scheme will be subjected to intrusive and annoying advertisements generated by the page. The advertisements are likely to employ similar social-engineering tactics to lure users into engaging with them. Furthermore, the advertisements may lead to unsafe third-party websites, contain offers for suspicious software products and more.


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