Chump Adware

Chump Adware Description

Chump is a dubious browser extension. It promotes itself as a convenient tool that will allow users to quickly set up keyboard shortcuts to open their favorite websites directly. Unfortutnealy, what Chump fails to mention is that its core functionality is to deliver unwanted and intrusive advertisements to the systems it is presented on. As such, the application is categorized both as adware and as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). In addition, while it is installed on the device, Chump could spy on the user's browsing activities.

Adware applications are a common source of nuisance. They hide their installation from the attention of the user and then proceed to generate questionable advertising materials on the affected device. The advertisements could overlay any legitimate content that the users are trying to view, leading to a severely diminished experience. Furthermore, the advertisements might display clickbait messages and offers to trick unsuspecting users into clicking on them. Doing so is a risky move, via forced redirects, the advertisements might take the user to unsafe phishing pages, various online tactics, such as fake giveaways, 'get-rich-quick' schemes and more. 

As for its data-harvesting abilities, Chump Adware could potentially access the entire browsing history, all conducted searchers and clicked URLs. In addition, the PUP also might include several device details such as IP address, geolocation, ISP, etc. The gathered data will be uploaded to a remote server. The operators of the PUP are then free to decide how to best monetize the information. They could very well offer it for sale to interested third parties.