The Chrysaor spyware toolkit is a threat that has been designed to target Android devices specifically. According to malware researchers, it is likely that the Chrysaor toolkit is the creation of the NSO Group. This is a cybersecurity company located in Israel. It has been speculated that the NSO Group is working on behalf of governments to develop various malware types. Among the most popular threats developed by the NSO Group is the Pegasus spyware. The Chrysaor malware is a modified variant of the Pegasus threat. After studying the Chrysaor threat, malware researchers concluded that this might be among the most threatening spyware designed to target Android devices. So far, the Chrysaor threat is known to have infected a limited number of Android devices located in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Georgia, Mexico, and Turkey, primarily.

The Chrysaor is crafted in a manner that may allow it to get root permissions to your device and its features. To avoid the users suspecting that anything out of order is happening on their devices, the Chrysaor threat will run in the background. If the Chrysaor spyware receives root permissions for your Android device successfully, it will get access to your emails, GPS location, text messages and call records. Furthermore, the Chrysaor will be able to:

  • Take screenshots of your device's screen.
  • Plant additional payloads.
  • Record video using your device's camera.
  • Record audio using your device's microphone.
  • Access the sensor data of your device.

The Chrysaor malware also is capable of removing itself from the compromised system once it detects that the user is onto it and is investigating the suspicious activities taking place on their device. This helps the threat remain undetected over long durations of time.

It is not known if the NSO Group has uncovered a vulnerability in the Android OS, which is being exploited by the Chrysaor spyware campaigns. Do not forget that you need to protect your Android device with a genuine anti-virus application compatible with your OS.


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