Threat Database Trojans 'Christmas Party' Email Virus

'Christmas Party' Email Virus

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The 'Christmas Party' email virus is a phishing email campaign that has been distributing threats to innocent users since December 2019. Many cyber crooks prefer to use phishing emails as an infection vector to propagate their threatening creations. In the case of the 'Christmas Party' email virus, the operators of this tactic appear to be propagating the Emotet banking Trojan. However, this does not mean that the 'Christmas Party' email virus conmen will not utilize this propagation method to distribute other malware in future campaigns.

Users who receive the 'Christmas Party' email virus would be urged to volunteer in setting up the Christmas party of the organization they work in. It is not yet known is the operators of the 'Christmas Party' email virus operation are targeting any specific companies or businesses in this campaign. Users who receive the 'Christmas Party' email virus will be asked to download the attached file to review it. The con-artists claim that the attached file is a document that contains important information regarding the organization's Christmas party. However, the attachment is not a harmless document but a corrupted file that contains the payload of the Emotet Trojan.

Be careful when accessing emails from unknown sources – many cybercriminals use cunning techniques and clever tricks to craft fake emails to phish users with. Also, protect your system and your data with a genuine anti-malware tool.


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