Threat Database Ransomware '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware

'.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware is a file-encryption Trojan, which was spotted by malware experts recently. It was quickly discovered that the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware belongs to the BigBobRoss Ransomware family, which has been gaining notoriety in 2019.

Even though it has not been confirmed, evidence would suggest that the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware is likely being circulated via relentless spam email campaigns containing macro-laced attachments, pirated software, pirated media and other untrustworthy types of files. Upon infiltrating your system the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware will find the file types it is set out to encrypt and begin locking them. After being encrypted your files will be rendered unusable and would have their names changed because the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware would add its extension 'cheetah' at the end of the file name. This means that if you had a file named 'little-corgi.jpeg' after the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware locks it would be called 'little-corgi.jpeg.cheetah.' Naturally, you will be left unable to use any of the data encrypted by '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware. This file-locking Trojan would then go on to drop off a ransom note that goes by the name 'How to recover you files.txt.' The note does not mention an exact sum that the attackers would like in return for supposedly unlocking your files, but it does put forward an email address where you can contact them –, a somewhat ironic email address having in mind the havoc that '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware would have caused to your system by then.

It is never a smart idea to get in touch with such shady individuals. They will promise you the world but will likely end up tricking you. Do not fall for it. Instead of trusting cybercriminals to fix the damage they have caused intentionally you can download a reputable security suite and let it clean your PC of pests like '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware. Furthermore, it is possible that the BigBobRoss Ransomware decryptor may be compatible with the '.cheetah File Extension' Ransomware, as they are from the same family, and its victims might get their files back free of charge.


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