Security authorities labeled the domain that is registered at the184.154.28.74 IP address as untrusted because it may be used to promote fake updates and patches to the Adobe Flash Player. may be related to badware like UpdaterEx, FoxTab VideoConverter and a rogue defragmenter called Data Restore. Additionally, the domain is associated with a browser hijacker that may be dispersed in free software packages as a browser add-on. The browser hijacker in question may change the Internet settings of infected PC users to redirect them to and show pop-up windows. The browser hijacker may affect Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Security authorities remind users to download legitimate copies of the Adobe Flash Player from its official Web page and install updates that are presented by its built-in updater module.

The browser hijacker related to may use JavaScript to display a dialog box that urges users to install the update to their Adobe Flash Player, but they should not be fooled. The software promoted on may contain harmful code and introduce badware on your PC. Installing updates from may result in data loss and decreased computer performance. The browser hijacker linked to may write an entry in your Windows Registry to load every time you start an online session and present you with a fake update on Opening a new tab may trigger the appearance of pop-ups by and Web surfers may not load videos on YouTube properly. You need to install a renowned anti-malware suite to scan and clean your system from browser hijackers related to and other cyber threats.