ChannelSystem Description

ChannelSystem is an adware that also has been equipped with browser hijacker capabilities. The application targets Apple users exclusively and, as most applications of its type, is rarely being installed willingly. Instead, it employs various deceptive distribution methods. The most prominent one is 'bundling' - the installation of the ChannelSystem may be hidden inside the settings menu of the installation process of another more popular freeware application. All of these aspects of ChannelSystem classify it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

Adware is usually responsible for the delivery of unwanted advertisements that may take the form of banners, pop-up windows, hyperlinks injected into the text of visited sites, etc. The advertisements could be annoying extremely and cover the contents of the websites visited by the user. Clicking on any of them represents a serious security issue as they may redirect the user to dubious or compromised third-party sites peddling barely-functional PUPs or even malware threats pretending to be software updates.

ChannelSystem also acts as a browser hijacker taking control over certain browser settings, mainly the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine. All three will be set to open the address of the specific promoted fake search engine. Whenever the user conducts search queries, opens a new tab, or simply starts the affected browser, it will generate artificial traffic towards the fake engine.

A typical browser hijacker functionality is the harvesting of information, with the only difference being how deep they try to reach. In nearly all cases, the user's browsing and search history, clicked URLs, IP address and geolocation are being logged. Some browser hijackers, however, also try to access sensitive private information such as credit card details.

It is strongly recommended to take the necessary steps to remove ChannelSystem from your device as soon as possible with a reputable anti-malware solution, preferably, preferably.

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