ChangeParameter Description

No matter what features the ChangeParameter application may boast as having, users should keep in mind that its main functionality is that of a browser hijacker. Almost immediately after being installed on the user's mac system, ChangeParameter will initiate and take control over several specific settings that will allow it to generate intrusive ad materials, as well as forced redirects to third-party websites. 

Applications such as ChangeParameter are generally not considered to be threats, as they are not designed to cause any direct harm to the systems and devices they are present on. That, however, doesn't mean that keeping them on your computer will not result in increased security risks necessarily. Adware and browser hijackers can oftentimes display deceptive advertisements that lure users to unsafe websites. The same also can be achieved through forced redirects. Users may land on domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), running various tactics (technical support schemes, phishing tactics), or even pages delivering malware threats. 

ChangeParameter also could exploit various tracking techniques to snoop onto the user's browsing activity and then exfiltrate the collected information. The browsing data such as visited websites, clicked URLs, and conducted searches could be coupled with system's numerous details - IP address, ISP and geolocation.