Centredirect.net Description

Type: Adware

Centerdirect.net is not a site that most users will visit intentionally. It is far more likely that they will be taken there as a result of visiting a previous Web page that utilizes rogue advertising networks or because they have a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking on their computers. This shouldn't come as a surprise; Centredirect.net lacks any useful or meaningful features. Instead, the main goal of the page is to lure users into subscribing to its push notification services.

This particular tactic has enjoyed continued popularity among certain circles of fraudsters with more and more pages proliferating it emerging each day. All of these websites operate in an identical manner. They display misleading or clickbait messages that create false impressions about what will happen when users press the displayed 'Allow' button. Some will claim that clicking the button is part of a CAPTCHA check. Other, promise gifts or access to files for download.

However, Centredirect.net pretends as if a video is currently loading. A message conveniently stating that users should 'Click 'Allow' To Continue' also will be shown. Following the instructions of the page will result in Centredirect.net receiving several important browser permissions. The dubious page will promptly abuse these permissions to run an intrusive ad campaign and deliver various unwanted advertisements.

Users should not approach the shown advertisements carelessly. The advertisements could employ similarly deceptive tactics to promote PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), other con sites, phishing pages, fake giveaways, suspicious adult-oriented sites and more.

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