The CentralLot utility is an application that is only compatible with Mac computers. The end goal of the CentralLot application is not to provide you with useful features of helpful tools. Instead, the purpose of the CentralLot application is to promote an affiliated search engine.

When you install the CentralLot utility, the application will go behind your back to modify your Web browser's settings to set up the 'CentralLot Search' search aggregator as your default search engine. This way, the CentralLot application aids the search engine in generating revenue and traffic. This is a very primary search engine that is not likely to offer you high-quality service. Furthermore, the 'CentralLot Search' search aggregator may not provide you with the most credible results of your search queries.

The CentralLot application may be rather difficult to remove from your Mac manually. This is because the CentralLot application gains persistence on the host by setting up a new 'Launch Daemon' and 'Device Profile.' It is best to remove this annoying application with the help of a reputable, modern anti-virus suite.


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