Threat Database Browser Helper Object

The site is one of the countless fake Web pages that do not provide any value to their visitors despite claiming to do so. It seems that the creators of the page are targeting Mac users mainly because the website claims to provide the user with an update for the Adobe Flash Player for OSX. It is likely that this fake website also is targeting users running the Windows OS as it may claim to offer Windows users an update for their Adobe Flash Player. However, both of these claims are fraudulent. Shady actors online often tend to push PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and even malware using this old trick.

Do not Apply Updates from Third-Party Sites

Malware researchers advise users strongly to avoid downloading software or applying updates to their applications via third-party sites as more often than not, they may end up being taken advantage of it in one way or another. Users should download applications from the official publishers only and use trustworthy sources to apply updates. Thankfully, in the case of the site, it is not malware that is being distributed but a PUP. However, PUPs can prove to be quite the irritating pest, and users are advised to remove them from their system as soon as they spot them as they may reduce their browsing quality and overall performance of their PCs.

If you have encountered the you have likely been browsing low-quality sites such as illicit streaming platforms, dodgy gambling websites, adult content pages, etc. If you have come across the website's suggestion to update your Adobe Flash Player, simply ignore the request and close the page. If you have any suspicion that there may be a PUP present on your system, it is advisable to run a scan using a reputable anti-malware tool that will help you remove any unwanted software from your computer.


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