Threat Database Trojans Cash Adware

Cash Adware

Users who notice a mysterious 'cash.exe' file may have an adware application present on their computers. Adware, browser hijackers, and other dubious applications are often spread via questionable distribution tactics, such as software bundles or entirely fake installers/updates. As a result, the application may have been deployed to the user's device without attracting any attention. The heavy reliance on such underhanded methods classifies these applications as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

The Cash Adware is likely to begin generating various annoying advertisements, causing a significant negative impact on the user experience on the affected system. More importantly, the delivered advertisements are highly likely to promote untrustworthy destinations and additional PUPs disguised as supposedly legitimate applications. By interacting with the advertisements, users also may trigger forced redirects that lead to fake giveaways, technical support tactics, phishing schemes and other similarly questionable sites.

PUPs are often regarded as potential security risks, as well. These applications are notorious for spying on users' browsing activities and transmitting the collected browsing and search histories to their operators. Numerous device details and even sensitive information extracted from browsers' autofill data also could be included in the targeted data. 


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