Description is a fake search engine that is closely associated with browser hijackers. The search function of appears to be unfinished, although there is no doubt that will eventually be used to deliver spam and large amounts of advertisements to its users. The browser hijacker most commonly linked with attacks through JavaScript and does not infect the entire computer system like other browser-hijacking Trojans.

This gives the ability to infect computer systems using operating systems other than Windows. ESG security researchers have uncovered various cases of iPad users (using the iOS operating system) that have become victims of browser redirects to websites like This gives malware associated with the potential to attack a larger number of computer users than most malware, since has the ability to attack computers that are typically considered being safe from browser hijackers and other malware attacks.

Symptoms of a Malware Infection

The website and its clones (, and do not appear to contain malicious components. In fact, this website contains little more than a picture of a cartoon feline wearing a leather jacket, the title 'Super Search', the search box, and an arrow pointing to this search box with the legend 'best' on it; all of this is superimposed on a green background. It appears that symptoms of malware associated with are very similar to other browser hijackers, in particular to the Google Redirect Virus. That is, this malware will change the results on legitimate online searches so that they will link to instead of to their corresponding website.

Computer users have also reported a significant slowing down of their Internet connection, often finding that their web browser is first connecting to before going to the requested website. This inflates's traffic numbers (artificially raising its value) as well as giving criminals the potential to track your online activity and obtain sensitive information from your computer system. Due to the nature of browser hijackers associated with, it is often possible to stop the symptoms by simply turning off JavaScript in your web browser. His should be followed with a thorough scan of the infected computer's hard drives with a reputable anti-malware program that is fully up to date.