Threat Database Adware is yet another dubious website that has been created with the singular purpose of delivering questionable content and conducting a popular browser-based tactic. is virtually identical to the countless other pages that follow the same pattern. modifies its behavior, based on the geolocation of the visitor. To determine this parameter, the site accesses the user's IP address.

Based on the result, can redirect the user to other unreliable or even corrupted third-party websites or proceed to display questionable and deceptive content on its own page. In addition, the website could attempt to trick the user into subscribing to its push notification services through various misleading alerts or warning messages. One scenario that has been observed to carry out is a fake CAPTCHA verification. Users are presented with an image of a robot accompanied by the following message:


Those that fall for the trick, will soon notice a significant increase in the advertisements they are seeing while browsing. will indeed abuse the browser permissions it receives to run an intrusive advertising campaign. While the influx of unwanted advertisements would lead to a severely diminished browsing experience, undoubtedly, a far bigger concern is the fact that engaging with any of the displayed advertisements, could redirect the user to unsafe websites.

Landing on pages such as frequently could be a sign that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) has managed to sneak itself onto your computer or mobile device. It is strongly recommended to scan the affected system with a reputable anti-malware product and then remove all suspicious applications that are detected by it.


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