More and more deceptive pages have been flooding the Internet and is one of them. Sites like this one have a single purpose for existing - to carry out a popular browser-based scheme. They rely on clickbait and misleading techniques to lure users into subscribing to the misleading page's push notification services. could pretend to be doing a CAPTCHA check for bots and visitors who do not pay enough attention could fall for its trap. The site will display an image of a robot alongside a message such as:


This is a common behavior observed in this particular page type. Any user who clicks the button will then be subjected to a flood of unwanted and intrusive advertisements. The advertisements may rely on equally misleading tactics. Users who engage with the advertisements may find themselves taken to additional deceiving websites, phishing pages, suspicious online game platforms and other untrustworthy places.

Keep in mind that landing on pages such as could be the result of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) present on your computer or device. PUPs are intrusive applications that spread themselves through questionable methods, including bundling and fake installers. As a result, many users do not even realize that an intruder application is being installed on their devices.