is a website created for the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to its visitors. The page is not an isolated occurrence. In fact, the exact opposite is true, as unscrupulous people have been flooding the Internet with countless misleading pages that operate in a virtually identical manner. By relying on clickbait and misleading messages, these websites try to lure users into subscribing to their push notification services. By abusing its browser permissions, the dubious page can then proceed to deliver unwanted advertisements to the user, all the while generating monetary gains for its creators. may be able to modify its behavior depending on the visitor's geolocation. The site determines this data by analyzing the incoming IPs. It can then proceed to cause redirects to other untrustworthy sites, show questionable content on its own, or carry on with the aforementioned scam. 

Users may be shown an image of a robot accompanied by a message implying that the site is doing a CAPTCHA check for bots:

'Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

However, the message is false completely, and clicking the button will result in the deceptive website receiving the required browser permissions to start running an intrusive ad campaign. The advertisements could impact the browsing experience on the device severely, by overlaying any legitimate content viewed by the user. Furthermore, closing the browser is not going to slow down the advertisements at all, as they will continue to appear at the same rate. 

Users can stop the annoying page by revoking its permissions. Simply navigate to your browser's 'Permissions' or 'Notifications' menu, locate the misleading page, and remove everything that is associated with it. 


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